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5 Etiquette Rules Every Seller Should Know

The process of selling your home can be a tough one. You’ve spent a significant amount of time staging it and even scrubbed every room top to bottom. It’s in immaculate shape, but what may surprise you is that your behavior also plays a vital role in the way potential buyers feel. Here are the 5 etiquette rules every seller should know to ensure that her or his home is showcased in the best possible light.

1. Le5 Etiquette Rules Every Seller Should Know - bhgrelife.comave your home during showings

When there is a showing, it is important to leave your home and let your real estate agent do their job. Although you’re dying to see the reaction potential buyers have to your home, remaining there will make them feel uncomfortable. Removing yourself during a showing also allows the buyers to more easily visualize living there themselves, which is a huge selling point.

5 Etiquette Rules Every Seller Should Know - bhgrelife.com

2. Take your pets with you

There is nothing more distracting than a barking dog or playful kitten running around your home during a showing. In addition, potential buyers could be allergic, and animals in the home may deter them from buying. Provide your buyers with a comfortable, stress-free experience when viewing your home by removing your pets. From caged to uncaged companions, take them with you to ensure that you don’t alienate potential buyers.

5 Etiquette Rules Every Seller Should Know - bhgrelife.com

3. Provide parking

Keep your home warm and inviting by providing buyers with quick and convenient parking options, if possible. It’s important to move your vehicles in order to make it easy for visitors to park and view your home. There is nothing more frustrating than parking issues, and if someone has to park far away just to view your home, they may skip the event altogether.

5 Etiquette Rules Every Seller Should Know - bhgrelife.com

4. Provide important documents

Many potential homebuyers will have questions about your home. Since you won’t be there to answer them (if you follow the first rule of seller etiquette), you still want to be able to answer all questions quickly and effectively. This can increase the chances of receiving an offer, and make the potential buyers’ experience more enjoyable. Leave all necessary documents, such as the inspection report, home warranty, monthly bill information, proof of repairs, appraisal, and such, with your agent. These are all things potential buyers may want to see. Most states offer a Seller’s Disclosure that is provided to all interested parties before an offer is made. It is important to have that filled out as best as possible for all potential buyers as well.

5 Etiquette Rules Every Seller Should Know - bhgrelife.com

5. Be patient

You may have countless showings before your home is sold. It is important to be patient with every buyer who walks through the door. You’re eager to know how the showings went and what the prospects thought of your home, but it can take some time for buyers to process what they’ve seen before making an offer.



By keeping these etiquette rules in mind, you ensure your home is showed at its best to potential buyers and real estate agents.

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