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Colorful Outdoor Entertaining Ideas for Your Next Gathering

These decorations are a cinch to put up, but will add a nice pop of color to your next backyard party—and you can often save some money by making them yourself. You might even consider using some of these ideas the next time you have an open house. After all, who wouldn’t want to envision throwing a beautiful outdoor party at their newly purchased home?

Colorful Outdoor Entertaining Ideas for Your Next Gathering -

Overhead outdoor party decorations

Instantly add bright pops of color to your outdoor party with these pretty paper lanterns. You can assemble them in a cinch and hang them with brightly colored ribbon from gazebo roofs or trees. Mix and match lantern colors to create a bold look, add light bulbs and you’ll give your outdoor party a magical glow at night.

Colorful Outdoor Entertaining Ideas for Your Next Gathering -

Flower and seashell patio-chair decoration

Add a bit of color to outdoor patio furniture with this easy-to-make chair decoration made from a repurposed tin can. To make, wrap patterned fabric around the can, glue in place and let dry. Glue a starfish to the can. Cut two vertical slits near the top of the back of the can; tie can to the chair back with ribbon threaded through the slits. Place a jar of water in the can and fill with brightly colored flowers.

Colorful Outdoor Entertaining Ideas for Your Next Gathering -

Etched glass vase decoration

Update a plain glass vase for an outdoor party decoration with a pretty etched design. To make, use a border punch to cut a design from adhesive shelf liner. Apply the liner to the glass vase and smooth out any air bubbles. Following the package directions, spread a thick layer of etching cream onto the vase, covering the design. Leave the cream on for the instructed amount of time and then rinse with water; embellish with a paint pen. Add some greenery and a flower, then place on your outdoor table for a fresh accent.

Colorful Outdoor Entertaining Ideas for Your Next Gathering -

Flowerpot wall art

Improvise with outdoor wall art by adding suspended flowerpots to a wooden fence. Spray-paint nine terracotta pot bases in bright colors. Secure pot hangers to the fence and suspend pots from the hangers, filling each container with annuals or herbs.

Colorful Outdoor Entertaining Ideas for Your Next Gathering -

Glass-bottle light fixture

Everyone will be talking about this creative light fixture! Make it yourself from recycled glass bottles. Drill four holes an equal space apart near the top edge of a galvanized-steel feed pan (available at a farm-supply store). Loop four equal lengths of braided framing wire through the holes and secure with a stainless steel quick link. Drill more holes equally spaced apart all around the side of the pan. Coming from the back, thread a plastic zip tie through a hole, wrap around a glass bottle, and thread through the next hole, tightening around the bottle and securing on the back. Continue around the pan. Finish the cool design by filling the center of the feed pan with candles and lighting them at sundown.

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