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Meet the Team

You know what they say, “teamwork makes the dream work – In the world of real estate, relationships are everything. Not only do I create relationships with my clients but I also help you form great relationships with vendors. So guess what? I have done some legwork for you! I want to help facilitate a smooth and stress-free transaction and these are some of the great people whom I know and trust who can help me do that! Of course, you are free to find your own dream team, but I want to make sure you have these amazing vendors on your list!

Homeside Financial


What is so special about Homeside you might ask? Their six-step mortgage process has flipped the mortgage industry upside down. It is ridiculously easy and can all be done in person or online which is sometimes key for people who just cannot run back and forth to an office dropping off paperwork or supplying signatures. They truly are local mortgage experts!

They are equipped with the latest and greatest as far as loans and competitive home loan rates are concerned.. Give them a call, download their app, or simply browse their website to find out more about the process. You’re in great hands with Homeside Financial team.


Law Offices of Mann, McGibney, and Jordan


The first time I mention attorney, sometimes people just want to run and hide. The costs and the stuffiness of it all, oh no. Nope, not here. Chris Mann is one of my favorite attorneys here in the Triangle. He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to real estate obstacles and knows exactly how to help you (and me) overcome them. This comes in handy when you are talking about making one of the biggest purchases of your lifetime.

If you need someone to sit down and explain North Carolina real estate laws, that pesky fence encroaching on your yard, or make sure you completely understand that stack of sometimes slightly intimidating paperwork you are going to sign at the closing table… Chris Mann is your guy!


Chris Thurow, State Farm

Chris Thurow

When it comes to keeping your home safe after closing Chris is our guy! It is one thing to find and buy your dream home but we always want to make sure you are protected for many years down the road. Chris is great at helping you find you the perfect match in coverage for your home (and much more!).

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